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PRACTICE HOURS (by appointment)

Monday - Friday      8.30am - 4.30pm

Closed Public Holidays

Phones will be open 8.30-1pm and 2-4pm
Please use the Request Online form or email

Phones do get busy, the most efficient way to reach out is by email 


Let us know what type of service you need ... 


There are are several ways to do this ...

PINK BUTTON on this website 


 phone 07 826 3499 

Please feel free to let us know what type of service you are looking for - this will help us make the correct length and type of booking. Please do not feel obliged to share confidential or sensitive information while booking. Please do make sure we have your correct contact details, and what might be a good time to try and reach you.. 

To help us help you have a think about what type of appointment you are needing ... 

Is it ... Urgent / Same Day / Routine ?


If the need is urgent or life threatening we recommend you consider calling an ambulance on 111

If you are unwell, have a new illness, or worsening illness and feel you need a same day review please let us know, and you will be contacted by the Clinical Team.  We will work out with you how best we can help; whether that is phone advice, or invitation for same day Nurse / GP assessment, or referral to another health provider, such as an A&M. 


If you or your child is unwell please try and let us know as early in the day as possible (ideally before 11am), this helps us manage our time so we can assess and review everyone who needs it. We aim to provide a comprehensive primary health service for our enrolled patients. 

Is it ... In Person or Phone Consult ?  

If the consult does not require a physical exam, it may appropriate to book a phone consult. Our reception and nurse team use shared decision-making with you to decide whether in-person or phone review is best for you.


There are many instances in which we can complete advice / referral / forms / prescriptions over the phone. Medical Certificates, ACC / WINZ can now be completed via phone or video consult. Examples include discussing investigations following an initial consult or for review of a chronic condition such as depression.

If it is an IN PERSON CONSULT you will be asked if you have respiratory symptoms (cough / cold / sore throat) or contact with some one with COVID. .

Is it ... a GP or Nurse Consult ?  

B4School checks, cervical smears, immunisations have long been the purview of Practice Nurses, however our Nursing team are also trained to review chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, blood pressure and heart health. They can also help women with simple Urinary Tract Infection or needing Contraceptive Advice and children with suspected Strep Throat. 

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