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Our Values

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Te Kauwhata Health Centre

Te Kauwhata Health Centre has been serving the local community for more than 5o years. We have recently reflected on our core values, and intend these to guide us as we develop a primary healthcare service for the region into the 2020s. 

Best Practice - we aim to offer a service consistent with National and International best practice. To do this we recognise the central role of education, we are all lifelong learners actively remaining alert and up to date with accepted best practice in our fields. All our GPs are accredited or are working towards accreditation as Fellows of the RNZCGP.  work closely together as a team, collaborating, supporting each other and making shared decisions where required. We additionally have internal governance systems in place to help ensure our clinical processes work smoothly and deliver high quality, responsive, patient / family focused evidence-based healthcare.

Community Focus - we recognise that each individual does not exist in isolation but rather in a family / whanau / social / educational / economic and physical contexts. We aim to work closely with our community partners to ensure improved access to healthcare and together articulate a holistic expression of what 'a healthy community' really means. We currently supply a twice weekly clinic for the Meremere Community, a twice weekly round at Aparangi Care Centre and a once weekly clinic at Te Kauwhata College. We are happy to deliver educational talks to  local community providers. Please let us know if there are other ways we can engage productively with the local community. 

Compassionate Care - our work is becoming increasingly technical and our workload increasingly busy however we do not want to lose sight of the fact that we do not treat numbers, or even illnesses, but people. People with hopes and worries, fears and responsibilities. We hope that you feel treated this way, professionally and with care? We also take care to support each-other and to treat one another with respect - we do appreciate your reciprocation in this. 

Clear Communication - Communication is central to all that we do. Our aim is that in all your dealings with us you will leave with a clear understanding of the information discussed, be it a diagnosis, a management plan or simply information about ho to make an appointment. Internally we work closely together as a team with regular clinical, educational and multidisciplinary team meetings and have clear feedback systems to communicate areas of the service which require improvement. We need your feedback to help this service work for you. Please let us know what works well, and what we could do better? 

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